Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club

The best way to get your hands on numerous useful information about motorcycles is by joining the club. By visiting a motorcycle website, you can always get the latest updates and news about the freshest events regarding motorcycles, gatherings and every other activity related to bikes and bikers. With all this in mind, if you choose to join Westwood motorcycle racing club, you are in for a lot of interesting things and surprises. If you check out the events schedule you can find out what is the top game and you can pay a visit to their message forums in order to get a chance to have a nice chat with the club executives or the racers. You can even participate in your own race.


On the other hand, if you are completely new to motorcycles and racing in general, joining a good motorcycle club can have a lot of good benefits for you. First of all and the most interesting, you will always have a place where you can go and ask a question that will be answered by experienced people who will give you a good advice on what to do. You can save time, money and effort that way and get your hands on some decent gear.

Become a racer

Westwood is a motorcycle racing club with over 50 years of exciting experience behind their backs. When it comes to having the most fun on two wheels you could possibly imagine, Westwood will give you all that and much more. There is a school for new racers where you can train yourself and learn everything there is about motorcycles.


Joining this motorcycle racing club will be much more than you imagined. Once you become a part of the pack, you will have a family wherever you go. The bikers are a community that takes care of its members. Join the club and discover a whole new world where each member and individual matter the same because in the end, we are all a part of one big family and we share our passion towards what we love.

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