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Used Motors Buying Guide

The best guide for buying a pre-owned bikes, cars, trucks, or SUVs

Purchasing a used vehicle is hard, finding the perfect fit for one’s lifestyle at a price they can live with is a challenge. It should be safe, good on gas, and the potential to last for years and years with minimal repairs. The latest and best way to buy a car is via the internet, and car sales online are booming. There are just a few tips and tricks one needs to know before they jump into the world of buying vehicles online.

With a bit of knowledge, they can easily secure a better deal than they’d ever imagined. Start with some research before delving into car sales online, it’s always smart to research the various pre-owned cars available that one may be interested in. There are many places one can get great information about any and every car that exists on the market.

Consider Consumer Reports, Kelley Blue Book and Edmond’s to name a few. They give great stats on performance, safety and possible repairs one may face. Compare and contrast the values and ownership costs to decide if the model in question is going to work.

Visiting a Used Car Dealership? Set a budget

Create a Budget even if one has some money saved up, they should be sure they know how to make a deal. Choose a strict amount that cannot be exceeded. Keep in mind there may be payments that have to be made so with a set amount for a down payment, one can choose a vehicle that is within their debt schedule and relieve much stress before even settling on what they want. Start Hunting for Deals! Sources for online car sales are plentiful.

They exist for fresno used car dealerships of all sizes and even individual sellers. Databases are extensive and allow one to use various parameter for their search. Typically, one can enter year, make, model and even how far away they are located which is usually crucial unless one plans to pay for shipping.

The best part of working with a car dealership is that most of the vehicles are certified pre-owned. What this means is that they’ve undergone and passed inspections and sometimes even come with a limited warranty or guarantee.

It’s always beneficial, however, if one can browse car sales and then visit the vehicle to make sure it lives up to its listed stats and photos. Never think that used car sales are something to be avoided, often times these vehicles have been only gently used. This is especially true in the case of lease returns.

Online Car Shopping Will Help Choose a Dealership

Online car sales give buyers a great way to compare pricing and various details of cars they may be interested in. Always be wary of purchasing a used car from an individual, one has no recourse when buying this way and if the vehicle ends up being a lemon, they are stuck with it. Test drive once you’ve settled on a vehicle, make sure it drives good.

Set up a test drive at the car sales lot and don’t just go around the block.

This is an important step to see if the car fits the driver well, and if it lives up to what it was advertised as. Get a car history report from one of the major providers online, all that’s needed is the VIN number and one can find out if it’s been in any accidents and if the title is free and clear; this saves a headache down the road!

Pro tip – If you’re still not ready for a sued car, or this is a bit out of your budget, we recommend checking out our DIY electric bikes.

How To Build A FAST DIY Electric Bike

If you would like a project that will give you many years of enjoyment, building an electric bike can be a great one to work on. It is a little challenging, yet can be accomplished by most people with just a little effort.

The savings in fuel and enjoyment of riding once completed is something to look forward to. Building a diy electric bike at home will give you something to be proud of once you are done.

Where to Begin

If you want to build a fast electric bike, you can chose to start with an diy ebike kit or build one from parts that you assemble yourself.

A diy electric bike kit might be easier, but you will be limited to what someone else has designed.

Designing and building your own electric bike will be more of a challenge. This will give you more control of speed, handling, as well as comfort.

Buying individual items in a kit form will give you much more control over the finished product. This can give you more top speed as well as acceleration.

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How to Make an Electric Bike From a Kit

Making an electric bike from a kit can be an easy process. Everything should be ready to install in a few simple steps.

All wiring should already be connected and you should only need to attach the motor and throttle control to your existing bike.

A diy electric bike kit can be found easily online or a good sporting goods store. These diy ebike kits come in many different sizes and prices.

A diy bike conversion kit is probably the fastest way to get your project up and running.

How to Build an Electric Bike For Speed

Building an electric bike that goes fast does not necessarily mean finding the biggest diy electric bike motor. Too big of a motor will cause the bike to be unstable and too powerful.

This can lead to injuries from a crash. Finding the combination of an electric motor and proper gearing will give you a bike that handles right, is stable, and still very fast.

Anything over a 3000 watt motor can be potentially dangerous for the operator of the electric bike.

The Choice of Bike Types

There are basically two different choices for building a great ebike. You can use either a mountain bike or road bike as your model to work with.

A diy electric mountain bike will give you more stability and a better ride, which is probably the best choice for safety.

A road bike has narrow tires which is easier to lose control in loose gravel and harder to control on bumpy roads.

A good mountain bike is usually equipped with a suspension that will give you better handling, especially at higher speeds.

You can also purchase an electric mountain bike kit that is easy to install that will boost your speed and acceleration many times faster than just pedaling alone.

Picking the Right Motor

Finding the right motor for your ebike is one of the most important part of building your electric bike. A motor without enough power will not push your bike to speeds that you might want and hills will make it really inefficient.

A motor with to much power will drain the batteries faster and also have too much torque for the rider to control. This is not only dangerous to the rider, but anyone who happens to be in the way.

DIY Electric Bike Battery

Picking a good battery to combine with the motor will give you more sustained power and longer riding time. A lithium battery pack will overheat if the motor is too powerful. The pairing of the right battery and motor not only gives more riding time, it is a lot safer.

Direct Drive Motor

A direct drive motor runs either on the back or front wheel. This makes a convenient and easy installation. It limits the electric bike to a single speed gearing which will limit both power and speed.

It is good for cruising with pedal assist to get the ebike up to speed.

Mid Drive Electric Bike DIY

This is the best mounting option since it gives you access to gearing that is already on the bike you chose. This gives your electric bike both power and speed while limiting the drain on the battery.

This gives you a fast ebike using a smaller motor that is more efficient due to being able to shift through the gears.

The Suspension

Having good shocks and tires will give you a smoother ride and better handling. This is important due to having more power and torque during takeoff.

It will give you a better ride which is one of the reasons for wanting to build an electric bike. When picking a bike to build, make sure the shocks and tires are top notch.

An air suspension shock system works much better than standard shocks and will absorb bumps much easier. Heavy duty tubeless tires will also improve the quality of your ride.

Pick a Frame That is Both Strong and Lightweight

An aluminum frame is much lighter than a steel frame and still has strength to handle the power of a strong electric motor. The wheels should also be aluminum for added weight savings.

Keeping your bike lighter will give you more acceleration which is another reason for building your ebike.

Stopping Power is Just as Important

Going fast on a bike is great, but not being able to stop quickly is very dangerous. At high speeds, standard brakes are not much good when trying to stop.

Most people driving cars will not expect a bike to be coming so fast and will often pull out in front of you. Good quality brakes are a must for part of your homemade electric bike.

A good set of mechanical disc brakes will give you the stopping power that you will need for higher speed cruising.

Hydraulic brakes are also available if you want to put out the extra money.

A Comfortable Seat is a Must

Riding any bicycle for a period of time will make you realize how uncomfortable most stock bike seats are. An over-sized padded seat will make any ride, whether short or long, much more pleasant and comfortable.

On longer rides, you will be glad you got a larger seat.

Battery Charger

A high efficient battery charger will keep you on the road longer. Waiting 8 to 12 hours for the battery pack to charge back up keeps you off the road instead of riding.

The whole purpose of building your electric bike is to enjoy being able to ride it. A one amp charger will take approximately ten hours to charge your battery back up while a good five amp charger should have you back on the road in about two hours.

Tools for Building the Electric Bike

There are several tools that you will need for building an ebike with a mid drive motor.

A good socket set with both standard and metric sockets so you will always have a good fit when loosening and tightening nuts and bolts. A good Allen wrench set with both metric and standard wrenches are also a must.

A chain breaker and crank puller will also be needed. A soldering iron and solder should also be in your tools. It is also possible you will need an electric drill and bits.

The Bike Parts

Besides the bike of course, you will need a motor, controller, throttle, and battery back. It is also a good idea to have a brake sensor that cuts off the power to the motor when the brakes are applied.

A thumb throttle is safer than a hand grip twist throttle since you are more apt to be stuck at full throttle during quick acceleration.

The Motor

A 3000 watt motor should have enough power for any seasoned rider and a beginner should start with maybe a 1500 watt motor.

With proper gearing, either motor should propel the bike to 40 or 50 MPH, which is very fast for a lightweight bicycle.

This is if you mount it in the middle of the frame to take advantage of the gearing. A rear or front hub drive will be slower, maybe speeds of 30 MPH or a little faster.

The Controller

The controller is an electrical device that senses where the throttle position is and transfers it to the motor accordingly.

This should be a quality one so the ebike does not accelerate so suddenly that you will lose control.

The electric motors have improved greatly in horsepower over the years and too much power at once can cause a wreck.

The battery

Batteries for electric bikes range from 24 to 72 volts. The higher voltage battery will give you more range and speed.

They are also a lot more expensive. Start with a 48 or 60 volt one so you will be able to ride longer.

After all, this is the whole reason for building your electric bike, so you can enjoy riding. A battery box should be built for the battery to set in, which should be lockable since the cost of the batteries are so high.

This will probably be the most expensive part of building your ebike.


Staying safe while riding should be a top priority. Wearing a helmet, knee pads, and other protective gear should be done every time you go out for a ride.

Taking a spill at any speed can be dangerous and even life threatening. A flag should be mounted for visibility in the daylight hours and a good lighting system should be mounted on both the front and rear of the bike.

Just like a motorcycle, always ride with the thought that you are invisible to other drivers. A lot of people do not register small objects in their line of vision.


Your electric bike should be properly maintained. The chain should be properly lubricated and tire pressure should be maintained at a safe level.

The braking system should be checked periodically for wear and adjusted or replaced as needed. The seat position should be the right height so your feet can reach the ground.

Sitting really high might give you a better view but can be potentially dangerous.

Now that everything is ready, go out and have fun. Go exploring on and off road.

Ride your ebike to work to save on fuel and not have to worry about finding a parking spot.

Start an electric bike club and get your friends building their own ebike. Have competition races to see who has the fastest electric bike.

This is the reason for building your bike, to have fun and enjoy. Remember, your mileage is limited, so do not ride out of your batteries range.

The top five LED lights to enhance night time driving experience

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The LED lights used in automobiles are called Automotive LED Lights. For quite some time now, automotive LED lights have been replacing the conventional lights used in the manufacturing of automobiles. Usually, incandescent bulbs were used in the headlights as well as the backlights of automobiles. However, the manufacturers felt like preferring LED over these lights used commonly. There were many reasons behind it. The main reasons were that LED lights are more efficient and give off a performance many times better than an average incandescent bulb in terms of factors like brightness and lifetime.

Now, to get the best look and performance for your beloved Ford, you need to choose the best product. 

Below are the five best LED lights to enhance night time driving experience:

Ford F150 18+

Now, as the best of the best, we have chosen Ford F150 18+ to top our list from It looks as appealing as its name suggests. Priced at a whopping $2,400, it is worth every single penny. Any car lover is bound to fall in love at first sight with these beauties. There is no question that it outperforms every other item on this list.

2009-2014 Ford F150

Another attractive choice for your future headlights of Ford might be 2009-2014 Ford F150 model headlights. And why not? They have everything from performance assurance to quality and looks. Priced at an even $400, they are prone to look good on your ride.

Ford F150 2013-14

If you are looking to get new headlights for your Ford, you might want to take a good, long look at Ford F1502013-14 headlights. These bad boys have a killer look and many other features enough to make it to the middle of our top 5 list. Also, the point which makes it much more choose-able than its previous competitors is its price. It is priced at a low number of only $345.

2004-2008 Ford F150

Ford launched its 11th Generation back in 2004. There were many upgrades and changes in the body and the overall style. One of these changes was the headlights. These were really better than their previous models. The light output on these headlights is far stronger than the ones before it. When it comes to price, these are also not very expensive. They are priced at $425. Combining all the factors, 2004-2008 Ford F150 Headlights had to make it onto our list.

1997-2003 Ford F150 Headlights

Ever heard the saying “Old is Gold”? Well, in the world of cars that is indeed true. A car ages like wine and there are numerous collectors who would gladly give one of their limbs to get a vintage car or a vintage piece for that matter. 1997-2003 Ford F150 headlights are one of these items people die for. So, it definitely deserves a spot in our top five list. Another plus point is that it is really cost efficient and is priced at $400.

The Best Motorcycles Of 2018

For all those who are wondering what are the best motorcycles of 2018, this roundup should sum it up for you really well. Since the cycling industry is at its peak, the abundance of great deals is more than evident. It has never been a better time for bike shopping and there are so many cool and new models on the offer that the bike lovers will have a hard time to choose. These latest two-wheelers will occupy your attention even if you aren’t into bikes.

We will go through some of the best motorcycles this year so far because we felt the need to introduce these beauties to the bike lovers. First one in line is Zero S ZF7.2. Known as the most affordable bike and the best two-wheeled entertainment you can imagine, this is the least expensive street motorcycle that you can find coming out from Zero.


Weighing just over 300 pounds, this is an EV that will allow you to easily get your thrust by simply cranking the throttle. The 7.2 kWh battery can be quickly charged, meaning that you can almost fully charge it in just four hours. That is if you are charging it with a standard charger. If you have access to the maximum accessory charger that time drastically falls almost under one hour.


The fun never ends

So, you can go up to 89 miles in one charge. Now, the next contender for the best bike of 2018 comes from the BMW family. The R Nine T Pure has that good old 80s look while being exclusively equipped by the latest standards. It comes in Catalano Grey and provides an excellent riding experience. With this pretty much affordable but incredible machine, the fun will never end, literally. It gives away that old feeling judging by the vibration and sound.

18 Honda Gold Wing_Action_Image_25

The R Nine T Pure uses rather commonly looking alloy wheels. Those who want something a bit cooler, like the most used cross spoke wheels, will have to give approximately 500$ to additionally enhance the look of this beauty in grey. Still, this is a motorcycle that will not leave you hanging in the middle of the road for sure and if you are after a cool old school look with a dash of modern, the Pure might just be right up your alley. It certainly caught our attention.

The Most Needed Motorcycle Equipment

When it comes to riding a bike, having a good equipment is as important as having a good bike. Just take into your consideration that your life might be depending on the quality of your motorbike equipment so it is most recommended that you get the best gear that you possibly can. Wearing the appropriate clothing when you are riding your motorcycle is essential to your riding experience but safety as well.

Riding a high-performance bike can be extremely dangerous and the only thing that protects you is your equipment. With that in mind, we will point out some of the most needed equipment that every biker should have in their possession. First of all, you need goggles or visors to protect your eyes from road dirt, insects, rain and wind.

The most needed motorcycle equipment

When you are considering buying these, there are certain standards that need to be followed. Keep your goggles or visors clean at all times and wash them with nothing but soapy and warm water. Always make sure to adjust to the weather conditions and visibility. The item number two must be a safety helmet. This is an absolute must have when you are riding on the road. It is essential to your safety that your helmet fits your head nicely and comfortably.

Clothing and gloves

Clothing and gloves are not that necessary even though they are very warmly recommended. Clothing especially because it has a special protection that keeps your body from harm in the case of the collision. Wearing proper clothing while you ride also protects you from the wet and cold weather. These can be extremely difficult to bear when you are riding, especially at high speeds which makes concentration very difficult.


The materials used for clothing are nylon and leather in most cases. It is also important that you get some extra protection for your knees, elbows and shoulders. Gloves are needed to protect your hands from cold but they also keep your hands from harm. Leather is the best when it comes to gloves because it is water resistant and supple.


Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club

The best way to get your hands on numerous useful information about motorcycles is by joining the club. By visiting a motorcycle website, you can always get the latest updates and news about the freshest events regarding motorcycles, gatherings and every other activity related to bikes and bikers. With all this in mind, if you choose to join Westwood motorcycle racing club, you are in for a lot of interesting things and surprises. If you check out the events schedule you can find out what is the top game and you can pay a visit to their message forums in order to get a chance to have a nice chat with the club executives or the racers. You can even participate in your own race.


On the other hand, if you are completely new to motorcycles and racing in general, joining a good motorcycle club can have a lot of good benefits for you. First of all and the most interesting, you will always have a place where you can go and ask a question that will be answered by experienced people who will give you a good advice on what to do. You can save time, money and effort that way and get your hands on some decent gear.

Become a racer

Westwood is a motorcycle racing club with over 50 years of exciting experience behind their backs. When it comes to having the most fun on two wheels you could possibly imagine, Westwood will give you all that and much more. There is a school for new racers where you can train yourself and learn everything there is about motorcycles.


Joining this motorcycle racing club will be much more than you imagined. Once you become a part of the pack, you will have a family wherever you go. The bikers are a community that takes care of its members. Join the club and discover a whole new world where each member and individual matter the same because in the end, we are all a part of one big family and we share our passion towards what we love.

Pro Riders Of Tennessee

When it comes to major offroad events, there is not a better event than 2018 Kenda Tennessee Knockout. This is a real clash of the Titans where only the most professional top riders will test their riding skills in the biggest cycling showdown event in Tennessee. This is the eighth time that Kenda will be held and it gathers people from all across the country and world who are into hot motorcycle action.


Pro Riders of Tennessee will take place at the Trials Traning Center and this widely known event will attract the best of the best off-road racers. This fact alone is what makes this event the premier bike race in the off-road discipline. Through a unique approach of having four final rounds, Tenessee Knockout will provide both the fans and the riders with entertainment and enough challenge to question themselves if they are really up to the task.

A thing that will especially be interesting to the fans is that the Trials Training Center allows for easy access right next to the race action which will boost their entire experience even more. Those who are really into motorcycle races will know to appreciate this. Being right next to the action is almost like you are participating even though nothing can replace the real thing of course.

A real challenge

Those riders who make it to the top five at the previous events will also be included in the race in Tennessee which means that there will be a lot of mixed backgrounds among the participants. All of them are facing a real challenge with a lot at stake here which only intensifies this entire event even more.


To be honest, such an event is not for those who are new to the cycling game but rather this event is for the real hardcore fans who know to appreciate the real action when they see one. Then again, for those who would like to experience the thrill of the game from the first hand, it would be good to attend and see for themselves

Ted – The Owner Of Bike Shop

As of late, there is no denying that bike industry is taking over the world by storm. Some people are afraid of motorcycles, others love the thrill and the sense of adventure they get each time they start their two-wheeler. While there is no denying the accidents that tend to happen from time to time due to the recklessness of the bikers and racers, people simply love bikes and that love is not going to wither away any time soon.


From a perspective of a renowned bike shop owner named Ted, this worldwide explosion led to numerous people getting interested into latest advances when it comes to motorcycles. There is no doubt that the cycling industry will start producing incredibly good bikes as they have been doing that for quite some time now. That is exactly why you have the most innovative technologies implemented in new bikes as well as all kinds of bike related products and equipment.

Old and new

Back in the day, it was simple and easy but today, it is an evergrowing organism that is rapidly evolving and changing with each passing day. Still, there are people who love the ways of the old and they are still loyal to old bikes and biker codes. Ted is one of them. He started a small garage a couple of years ago where he used to fix motorcycles for his friends and himself. Soon, his garage got famous enough and people from across the country started pouring in.


He soon realized that he will need to do much more if he is to keep track because of these people who were bringing modern machines to his shop, having serious problems with modern gear. Built out of passion and love, Ted’s little restoration service garage turned into a repair and sales saloon with the latest and trendy equipment and gear but also the old but gold parts and motorcycles that are on the mark of those with a sense of taste. Ted became widely known for putting the old and the new together.