The Best Motorcycles Of 2018

For all those who are wondering what are the best motorcycles of 2018, this roundup should sum it up for you really well. Since the cycling industry is at its peak, the abundance of great deals is more than evident. It has never been a better time for bike shopping and there are so many cool and new models on the offer that the bike lovers will have a hard time to choose. These latest two-wheelers will occupy your attention even if you aren’t into bikes.

We will go through some of the best motorcycles this year so far because we felt the need to introduce these beauties to the bike lovers. First one in line is Zero S ZF7.2. Known as the most affordable bike and the best two-wheeled entertainment you can imagine, this is the least expensive street motorcycle that you can find coming out from Zero.


Weighing just over 300 pounds, this is an EV that will allow you to easily get your thrust by simply cranking the throttle. The 7.2 kWh battery can be quickly charged, meaning that you can almost fully charge it in just four hours. That is if you are charging it with a standard charger. If you have access to the maximum accessory charger that time drastically falls almost under one hour.


The fun never ends

So, you can go up to 89 miles in one charge. Now, the next contender for the best bike of 2018 comes from the BMW family. The R Nine T Pure has that good old 80s look while being exclusively equipped by the latest standards. It comes in Catalano Grey and provides an excellent riding experience. With this pretty much affordable but incredible machine, the fun will never end, literally. It gives away that old feeling judging by the vibration and sound.

18 Honda Gold Wing_Action_Image_25

The R Nine T Pure uses rather commonly looking alloy wheels. Those who want something a bit cooler, like the most used cross spoke wheels, will have to give approximately 500$ to additionally enhance the look of this beauty in grey. Still, this is a motorcycle that will not leave you hanging in the middle of the road for sure and if you are after a cool old school look with a dash of modern, the Pure might just be right up your alley. It certainly caught our attention.

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